As a photographer, a burgeoning writer, and an avid reader, I am fascinated with the concept of telling a story. In my own work I often draw from my childhood experience with fairy tales and storybooks to create fantastical scenes and to capture that comfortably familiar air of whimsy that we all knew and love. I believe that stories are something we all have in common, and portraiture allows me to create one of my own -- something for people to stop, to look at, and to wonder. 

- Maggie Sandner-Gialamas



     Maggie developed a passion for photography at a young age and now, at 24, continues to capture the world around her. Specializing in portraiture, Maggie photographs couples, families, children, weddings, events, sports, students, and more (really, she does it all) and finds her passion leads her to creative editorials as well. On top of winning awards in local photography contests, Maggie  has presented her work in a debut exhibition at the Maryland Hall Center for the Creative Arts. She is currently based out of Chicago. 

© 2017 by Maggie Sandner-Gialamas

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